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How to Make $1,000/Month With Affiliate Marketing

Written by David

When I first started online, I had one goal: to earn $1,000/month. That’s it. Why that amount? Because I HATED my 9-to-5 job. And I wanted out.

Unfortunately, I had no way to do this…that is, until I found affiliate marketing. Now I’ll admit: $1,000 isn’t that much money (it’s only about $33/day).

It's not enough to replace most people's salaries. But back then, I didn't care. My goal wasn't to be rich. I simply wanted more control over my time. 

After countless hours of trial and error, I reached my goal of $1,000 per month online. It took me exactly 11 months to accomplish.

And guess what? It was the best feeling in the world. Now my goal is to help YOU accomplish the same thing. Are you ready? Then let's get started! 

Step #1: Set Actionable Goals

First, you need to come up with a daily goal. In this case, it's  $33/day

Next, you must figure out the number of sales needed to reach your daily goal.

Let's say an affiliate program pays $11 per sale (many pay more, this is just an example). 

At $11 per sale, you need 3 sales/day to reach your daily goal. Next, calculate how much traffic is needed to reach those sales.

With a 1% conversion rate (meaning 1 out of 100 people make a purchase), you need about 300 visitors/day.

This gives us the following:

  • Daily Goal: $33/Day
  • # of Sales Needed Per Day: 3
  • Minimum Commission Required: $11
  • Daily Traffic Needed: 300 Visitors
  • Minimum Conversion Rate: 1%
  • Total Monthly Income: $1,000

Breaking down goals into actionable steps makes them easier to achieve. Now you know exactly what's needed to earn $1,000 per month online.

Note: When I say "conversion rate", I'm referring to the # of visitors who become buyers. I'm NOT referring to the # of clicks that turn into sales. Therefore, a 1% conversion rate means that 1 out of every 100 visitors make a purchase. 

Step #2: Join an Affiliate Program That Pays $11/Sale

The next step is to find an affiliate program that pays a minimum of $11 per sale. 

Fortunately, there are many out there. Here are some great places to start looking:

For the sake of this example, let's choose ClickBank. Here's a product in the ClickBank marketplace that perfectly matches your needs:

​If you promoted this product, you would need to refer 3 sales a day to reach $1,000 per month. 

To do this, you would first need to build a website. Then you would need to drive 300 visitors/day to it.

Note: In this article, I WON'T show you how to build a website. There are thousands of articles and videos online for that. I simply want to focus on the marketing aspect of things.

Profit Hero Founder

Once you've joined an affiliate program and/or chosen a product to promote, it's time for step #3. 

Step #3: Drive 300 Visitors/Day to Your Website

With a 1% conversion rate, you need about 300 visitors/day to reach your income goals. The good news is that this is perfectly doable. 

300 visitors a day is only 12.5 visitors per hour. That's not much at all!

Even with minimal experience, you should be able to reach this goal. There are 3 types of traffic you can acquire:

  • Organic: Traffic that comes from Google and other search engines. 
  • Social: Traffic that comes from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. 
  • Paid​: Paid traffic, as its name implies, is any traffic that you pay for. 

In affiliate marketing, organic traffic is the golden standard of traffic. That's what you should aim for. 

Social traffic is good too, but the primary goal is to drive organic visitors to your website.

Why organic traffic?

Because you'll get more qualified visitors, and thus, more sales. It's also free and passive. Let's look at the example product again:

The product is called The Osiris Method - Ultimate Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

Now, I don't know anything about this game. In fact, I've never heard of it before.

But that doesn't matter.

My goal should be to rank for the keyword "Starcraft 2 strategy guide" (or something similar). If I can do this, there's a very good chance I'll make money.

Remember: This is only an example. In reality, I probably wouldn't promote this product. The monthly search volume is too low in my opinion. For now, ignore the logistics. Just focus on the big picture.

Profit Hero Founder

After making a list of profitable keywords, build a website based on those keywords.

I recommend 10-30 pages of content that focuses on adding value and helping people. 

This will help you become a trusted authority figure within your niche.

Finally, build backlinks to your website and traffic should increase over time.

What if your conversion rate is less than 1%? Like say, 0.5%? In that case, you would need DOUBLE your traffic to get the same # of sales. 

For example, let's say your conversion rate drops from 1% to 0.5%. At the same time, traffic increases from 300 to 600 visitors per day.

In this case, the number of sales is still 3.  

Playing With The Numbers

There's no rule saying you must achieve 3 sales/day to reach $1,000 per month online. ​

In fact, there's no "hard rules" at all. I'm simply showing you how I think. You can adjust the numbers however you'd like:

  • ​6 Sales at $5.50
  • 12 Sales at 2.75 
  • 24 Sales at $1.37 
  • 1 Sale at $33 

You get the picture. Personally, I think it's easier to get 1 sale for $33 each day instead of 12 sales for $2.75.

Think about it: Is it easier to get 1 person to pull out their wallet? Or 12? That's what I thought.

About the author


Hi, my name's David. I'm the founder of Profit Hero. If you have any questions about making money online, just ask!

  • Najjar

    Hi David, thank you for the tips. I started learning IM and trying to build a site in tech niche, monetized with amazon associates.

    My goal is 1000$/month as in this example.

    With how much articles would you recommend to start with?
    How many review articles would be needed to get to 1000/month?

    Keep up the good work with the site!
    All best!

    • Hi Najjar,

      Personally, I like to include a minimum of 40-50 articles on my websites. It gives me a chance to rank for many more keywords.

      To give you an idea, I have a site in the health niche that has about 120 articles and it’s making about $1,000/month.

      Hope that helps.


      • Najjar

        Thank’s for advices David.

        When you’re preparing those first 40-50 articles – do you mostly orient on low KD keywords (.ie >5 KD ahrefs) for ‘money kw’s’? I mean there are some articles that needs to be on the site, regardless of KD/competition.

        My site is in the range of DR 41 / DA 25 (tech products); I have 20 articles published so far, making around 30$/month.

        is it better to target
        1. low KD – with ‘sprinkled’ related kw’s in the article
        2. targeting medium KD 5-20

        Also do you better perfer individual product reviews or best x for y reviews – and how to build backlinks on top of money pages?

        • I rarely look at the KD score for keywords. Only under circumstances do I do that. Instead, what I like to do is visit the SERP results and see what sites are ranking for that keyword.

          Do they have a low DA?

          Do they have 0 links pointed to the page?

          Are they thin affiliate sites?

          Are there are lot of forum posts ranking?

          If the answer is “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then it’s a great keyword to target in my opinion. To answer your final question, I like to write both individual product reviews and “best product” reviews. When building backlinks, I use outreach/guest posts. These days, I stay away from PBNs and other forms of shady link-building.

          Hope that helps.