How Much Traffic Do You Need to Make $100/Day Online?

Written by David

How much traffic do you need to earn $100/day online? 

1,000 visitors/day?

10,000 visitors/day? 

Answer: It depends on what type of site you have. For example, AdSense sites typically require more traffic to reach $100/day than Amazon sites. 

That's because AdSense sites don't earn much money each time a visitor clicks an ad. 

Most clicks pay between $0.25 and $0.50. This means you'll need a lot of them to make $100/day. 

Amazon sites, on the other hand, usually earn much more money per visitor. For this reason, you need a lot less traffic to reach $100/day. 

Traffic Goals: $100/Day With AdSense

How many visitors do you need to earn $100/day with AdSense? Personally, I was able to achieve this goal with about 20,000 visitors/day

Does this mean that all sites need this much traffic? No, it doesn't. It could actually be lower or higher for you.

How can you calculate it for your own site?

Let's figure it out. 

What is Your RPM?

Firstly, you need to know your RPM. This is your earnings per 1,000 visitors. You can find this number on your Google AdSense dashboard:

My websites have an average RPM of $5-$7. This is descent. I know marketers who earn much more.

Once you know your RPM, it's easy to calculate how much traffic you need to make $100/day. 

How Much Traffic Do You Need?

Let's break things down simply:

Let's assume that you have a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 2% and a cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.50. How much traffic would you need to earn $100 per day?

With a CTR of 2%, you'll get about 20 clicks per 1,000 visitors. At $0.50 per click, that's $5. 

Based on the data, you'll need about  20,000 visitors/day to make $100/day. 

I'll admit: that's quite a bit of traffic. Doable, yes, but it will require a lot of work to reach.

How Can You Increase Your AdSense RPM?

The higher your RPM, the less traffic you need to reach your income goals.

For example, if you have a $5 RPM, you need about 20,000 visitors/day. However, If you have a $20 RPM, you only need 5,000 visitors/day. 

You can increase your RPM by either increasing your CTR or by increasing your CPC. ​

I recommend reading my article 3 Ways to Instantly Increase Your AdSense Earnings. It's got some useful tips for increasing your RPM right away. 

Traffic Goals: $100/Day With Amazon

Calculating the amount of traffic you need for an Amazon site is a bit trickier. 

That's because several factors come into play:

  • # of Clicks: How many visitors are actually clicking on your affiliate links? 
  • Conversion Rate: From the people who click, what % are buying something?
  • Product Price: For the visitors who buy, roughly how much are they spending?

And that's just the beginning. You then need to combine these variables with your monthly traffic and commission rate.

Once you've done that, you'll know how many visitors you need to reach $100/day.​

How Much Traffic Do You Need?

Like before, let's break it down:

Let's assume 50% of visitors click on a link. ​Of those visitors, about 5% make a purchase. The average amount of money spent is $17.

First, you need to figure out your commission rate.

For that, you can use this chart (Source: Click here): 

Commission rates range from 1% to 10%. For this example, we'll use a 6% commission. 

Now you need to know your monthly traffic. Let's keep it simple and go with 1,000 visitors/month.

Finally, we need to plug in the numbers:

  • Monthly Traffic: 1,000 Visitors
  • # of Clicks: 500
  • Conversion Rate: 5%
  • Product Price: $17
  • Commission Rate: 6%
  • Monthly Income: $25.50

It comes out to roughly $25 per month.

That's $25 per 1,000 visitors. 

So, if you want $100 per day, you need about 4,000 visitors/day.

Compared to an AdSense site, which needs about 20,000 visitors/day, that's not very much.

Clearly, Amazon sites earn much more money per visitor than AdSense sites. ​

Remember: In terms of RPM, Amazon sites are way higher than AdSense sites- in this case, about 5 times higher. That means you need 5 times LESS traffic to reach $100/day with an Amazon site.

Profit Hero Founder

But...there's a catch. 

Amazon niches also tend to have higher competition. 

For this reason, keyword research plays a big role in succeeding on Amazon. 

Introducing AmaProfits

AmaProfits is a 100% free tool that helps you estimate the potential profits for an Amazon site. 

I'm a huge nerd for this kind of stuff. I love crunching the numbers to see how much I can earn. 

The tool is really easy to use (no thinking involved). Just plug in the numbers and let the software do the rest. 

Note, it can't tell you exactly how much you'll earn (no tool can do that). It just gives you an estimate.

The Bottom Line

The examples above are just that...examples. Your numbers won't always match up with mine.

My goal was simply to give you an idea of how much traffic you'll need to reach $100/day online. 

​Remember that AdSense sites need more traffic than Amazon sites to succeed. 

With that said, I'm a fan of both types of sites and I make money with both. Good luck!

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